Aircut 1600

Aircut 1600


Recycling is a complex topic. Every waste flow to be processed is unique and requires

individual and efficient solutions. This is why development never ends at Neuenhauser


The latest product by Neuenhauser Umwelttechnik, the AIRCUT 1600, was introduced just

recently. It is a semi-mobile windshifter that works according to the density/gravity principle.


The AIRCUT 1600 is placed in line with an upstream screening machine. The fine grain in

the input material is separated by the screening machine. Then the medium / oversized grain

is transferred directly to the 1600 mm wide accelerator of the windshifter. The screened

material is accelerated to a set speed and transported to the ejection edge. The adjustable

air nozzle causes the light-weight materials to "float". A rotating separating drum transports

them to the discharge belt. Then the air flow is routed to the expansion room and calmed.

Heavy materials will hit the separation drum and find their way into a container placed below

the machine. A lateral discharge conveyor belt is available optionally as well.


The machine is electrically powered by 63 A mains current or a power generator. One great

benefit of the AIRCUT 1600 is that the machine operator can stay on the attached service

platform during operation to precisely observe the material flow in the machine through a

generously sized sight window. The operator can therefore directly and quickly make all

necessary settings of the AIRCUT 1600 to sort the material reliably at high accuracy and

separate it cleanly.

The airflow speed at the nozzle, rotating speed of the separation drum and the acceleration

conveyor belt are set gradually via frequency inverters.

The support feet, the separation drum, the nozzle and acceleration conveyor are positioned

with the on-board hydraulics and hydraulic cylinders.


The AIRCUT 1600 is used in many applications, such as

• Mixed construction wastes


• Screen overflows from composting

• Separation of stones from biomass