The Neuenhauser flip-flow screen has been designed to operate in the most demanding difficult applications where traditional screens, trommels and even the star screen struggle to perform.


How does it work?


The basic principle is a trampoline like movement of individual polyurethane screen mats. The machine is powered by a diesel engine and employs hydraulics for the operation of the machine. A specially designed dosage augers ensure an even distribution of the feed material to the screen deck. As with the SuperScreener angle adjustment of the screen deck ensures the ideal angle for the respective material to provide the best screening efficiencies.


Why is this solution ideal for these challenging operations?

•The screen can operate continuously without downtime for cleaning due to blinding,

•The screen efficiency is high even when screening out small particles

•Screening of fine particles is effective even with high moisture levels and with highly sticky material

•Screening down to 1mm is not unusual