The Neuenhauser SuperScreener is predominantly used for the processing of wet and sticky materials such as compost, soil, coal, clay etc. The range of SuperScreener can screen down to 10mm where traditional screens and trommel screens blind and peg, causing them to be inefficient and their availability is low due to continual clearing.


The SuperScreener is available in 2 or 3 fraction machine and as an optional extra a wind sifter can be offered which extracts all light particles. These mobile units are available in both track/crawler and trailer options


The mobile screens are extremely maintenance friendly; some of the features include screen decks that can be removed in as little as 15-20 minutes, individually replaceable stars and shafts, simple and easy to use control system, diesel hydraulic power train and easy access to all components.


The SuperScreener comprises of a 7m x 1.2m star screen deck which can be outfitted with a range of stars ranging from 300mm down to a 170mm star, these stars along with the rotational speed of the shaft, determine the particle size distribution of the screen.


As opposed to the traditional screens the star screen deck is installed at an incline angle of 15 degrees. This ensures efficient cleaning of the feed material and this 15 degree angle can be adjusted to suit your specific needs.


There is an array of optional accessories available for the SuperScreener including a wind and as mentioned above, static and vibrating tipping grizzly, remote control operation amongst others.


How does it work?

The material is loaded into the hopper through the optional static or vibrating grizzly where it is fed by a conveyor belt onto the screen deck. As the material moves over the screens star bed a "dancing action" takes place this causes the particles to rub and grate against each other thus removing the clay and loose materials and cleaning the material as it is screened.


The small particles, e.g. clay, will pass through the opening between the stars onto the undersize discharge conveyor. The larger particles will continue along the screen deck and onto the oversize belt. Product sizes can easily be changed by increasing or decreasing the speed of the shafts thus the stars.


Some beneficial features:

•Unique star screen deck design

•Self-cleaning of deck due to the action of the deck

•Fine tuning of particle size distribution by adjusting star shaft speeds

•Dis-agglomeration function due to the action of the deck design


Some applications:






•Top soil preparation

•Steel mill sinter


•Wood chips


•And many more