Press release Neuenhauser 1- A great performance


A great performance

HRV GmbH, Harzer Reifenhandel und Verwertung, from Werningerode in Saxony-Anhalt, invests in the expansion of the present treatment facility for old tyres and rubber.


According to information of the Federal government, approx. 650,000 tons of old tyres arise every year in Germany alone. A great part of these is used energetically, i.e. burned. Recycling is possible as well. The required capacities are already present in disposal management. Technically, the old tyres can be disassembled and recycled without residue. For example, the granules are used for tartan tracks on sports fields, as fall protection on children's playgrounds or a as a filler material in synthetic grass.



























Figure: View of the return belt of the chopper

HRV GmbH has specialised in the collection of old tyres and their further processing. In 2014 alone, more than 12,000 tons of old tyres were processed at the Wernigerode site with 48 employees. Since the end of 2014, the old tyres have not only been coarsely pre-chopped, but also further treated via a disc screening plant delivered by Neuenhauser Umwelttechnik.



























Figure: View of the disc screen

The pre-chopped tyres are transported onto the disc screen through a riser conveyor belt. The fine material falls directly into a roll-off container below. After the container has been filled, it can be taken directly to the customer by truck, which saves further handling of the fine tyre chips.




























Figure: In the background: The maintenance platform, disc screen and conveyor.

The resulting oversize grain is either put into another container or back to the chopping cycle with a reversible conveyor, depending on customer request.





























Figure: Left: Oversize grain container/ right: fine-grain container

"The new Neuenhauser plant was mainly built to receive more homogenous material. This is important for further processing. We would like to continue to offer our customers best service. We hope that this will make us interesting to further customers and stabilise our prices with existing ones," says Sascha K├╝hnel, managing director of HRV GmbH. Result: Recycling of old tyres continues to show some room for improvement.