Roller Crusher

Roller Crusher


The Roller crusher consists of 2 massive counter rotating rollers. These rollers could be completed as flat rollers or as profiled rollers. The rollers are pressed together via 2 hydraulic cylinders and the clearance/gap can be adjusted to control product grading with the hydraulic cylinders.


For tramp and uncrushable material the rolls can be retracted which avoids further damage to the machine.


A characteristic of the Neuenhauser roller crusher is the good accessibility and the maintainability.

For the service and cleaning, the rollers can simply be retracted via the hydraulic cylinders. The different speed of the rollers allows not only crushing of the material but also imparts a grinding action.


The roller crusher is ideally fed by the product from the screw type mill, the function of the roller crusher is to crush the shredded plasterboard and to separate the paper from the gypsum and to reduce the gypsum.