Screw Type Mill

Screw Type Mill


The heart of all Neuenhauser screw mills are the three slow rotating screw type minimisation rolls. The diameter of the rolls varies with different series. Available are 250 mm, 310 mm or 380 mm diameter.


The two upper rollers are pre-breakers. The third (bottom) roll works the material against the case mounted, adjustable blades.

This technique achieves a steady, compost ideal sized granular spreading. The minimised and crushed fibre material is discharged in a free fall and not accelerated in any way.


The Neuenhauser screw mill reverses automatically when overloaded or un-crushable material are fed into the machine and are returned into the feeding hopper.

After the pre-selected elapse of time the Neuenhauser mill continues with forward rotation. If the self-protecting reverse sequence is repeated frequently within a specific period of time the mill will switch itself off entirely. A self-protection against internal damage is achieved through this advanced technique.


Some advantages:

•Long life span, high availability and sturdy design

•Low noise and dust emission

•Compost favoured minimisation through optimum material feed with ideal breaking sizes

•High malfunction resistance through self - protecting reverse control

•Low operation expenditure through excellent efficiency and low maintenance requirements

•Low operation expenditure through long life span of the recondition-able milling tools and low energy consumption

•High efficiency rate through electromechanical mill drive

•Minor maintenance effort through central lubrication device

•Service facilitation device (optional)

(hydraulically operated mill bottom lowers for easy service of wear and tear of exposed mill parts)

•Optimum material throughput through regulated current control